Millgrove School

Blogs & Social Media

Many of our teachers maintain a blog page for the purpose of increased home-school communication. These blogs may contain:

  • Homework
  • Assignment due dates
  • Learning updates
  • Study notes
  • Notices of upcoming events
  • Class Newsletters
  • Important links

If you have questions about your child's progress or a suggestion for information that would help you, contact the teacher responsible.

Please visit your blog regularly to keep up to date.




Grade 1 Mrs. Reeson Blog
  Mr. Cherry Blog
Grade 2 Mrs. Assinger Blog
  Mrs. Barker Blog
  Mrs. Wright Blog
Grade 3 Ms. Graham Blog
  Ms. Taylor Blog
Grade 4 Mrs. Korte Blog
  Mr. Wahlen Blog

Visit our Staff list to access individual teacher contact information.

For more information contact:
Millgrove School
Phone: 780-962-6122