Millgrove School


Christina Davidson

Grade 4 Teachers

About Me

My goal as an educator has always been to challenge students to become the best they possibly can in all ways. Spending eight hours a day with a child, teachers have more influence on their students than we may be acknowledged for. By providing a caring, supportive environment, where students are encouraged to take chances, make mistakes and grow, I hope to develop lifelong learners in my classroom. 

I have had many vast experiences that have contributed to my overall performance as a teacher.  I have taught in elementary schools and middle schools, in rural schools, city schools and on a Metis Settlement. This has allowed me to grow personally as well as professionally. I began teaching in 2007 at the elementary level. My background as a Biology major and Math minor give me expertise and insight into these curricula and allow me to provide tailored guidance to my students. However, as I continued in my career, literacy and social studies became a lot of my focus. To put it shortly...might be too late for that....I love my job and hope that I can bring a love of learning to all of my students. I am so happy to be a part of the Millgrove family!